Pet Illustrations

[section_title heading_type=”h1″]I can’t wait to turn your pet into a caricature[/section_title]

I’m an illustrator that specialises in custom pet caricatures for you to keep forever and hang on your wall!

All canvases come fully stretched and ready to hang, and all custom prints use a high quality, rich colour print with attention to detail.

Shoot through an email with your pet’s description and a rough idea of sizing – I offer stretched canvas ready to hang or beautiful card backed prints.

As each pet and service is different, I’ll get back to you with a quote and we’ll go from there. 

Pricing ranges from $50  (high quality print to be framed) to $240 (stretched canvas ready to hang).

 I can’t wait to meet you and your pet! 


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New South Wales
T: 0423 875 843
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