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fairy god plumber

Fairy God Plumber

💩 Take turns trying to match magical monsters with their poop in order to unclog their toilet and brighten their day… but be careful – there are hidden surprises and dangerous hazards too!

  • An exciting memory card game that promotes cognitive learning for ages 6+
  • Fun for the whole family with a quick and easy 15-20 minute playtime featuring over 60 cards
  • A fun addition to anyone's collection, easy to learn with hilarious monsters and artwork

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spaceship zoo

Spaceship Zoo

🛸 The ‘Spaceship Zoo’ has crashed into an asteroid and the creatures on display have broken free from their enclosures! With the only food being other creatures, it’s an alien eats alien card game... Will your creatures come out on top?

 For 2-6 players, 6 and up, 15-20 minutes playtime, sure to be a fun hit with anyone's collection. ✔️

  • Players must stack creatures on top of others to eat them
  • The creature on top must be hungrier than the creature below in order to successfully gobble them up!
  • With over 60 awesome aliens and zoo creatures, get playing today!
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Straya Game

Lost In Valhalla

⚔️ Lost in Valhalla is a survival card game with fighting, crafting and scavenging. You play as a modern soul accidentally sent to an ancient afterlife - Valhalla.

Be the first player to escape Valhalla by finding resurrection runes - all while scavenging for supplies and fighting off dangerous foes with mighty weapons!

For 1-5 players, ages 8+, 20 min game time

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Straya Game

Lost In Straya

A survival card game set in the epic Australian outback. Be the first player to find phone reception and get rescued, all while fighting off dangerous animals and scavenging for supplies!

Featuring the Aussie wetlands, outback and ocean to choose from. Each deck has unique animals and environmental hazards to avoid!

Look out for dangerous beasts and cantankerous creatures while trying to survive!

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